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What Is An Item List?

Item Lists are a great way for you to let others know about the products at our store you'd most like to own.

To add items to your Item List, click "Add to Item List" from the product page. When you add an item in your Item List to your shopping cart, the item will be removed from your list. If you have multiple Item Lists, you will be asked which one you would like to add the item to.

When you register with our store under My Account, you can maintain an Item List for several different categories, such as Birthday, Wedding Registry, or New Baby. You can use your Item List as a gift registry to send to relatives and friends. Simply sign into your account and select "Manage My Item Lists". Select "Email To A Friend", and an email will be sent which includes the unique key for your Item List.

Friends or family can add items from your Item List to their own shopping cart. The item will be removed from your Item List when they actually place an order. They may also choose to ship the item to your address.

Once you've created a Item List, click the "Add to Item List" button anytime you see something you'd like to have!